How to integrate Zoom with IOIO

The IOIO app for Zoom allows you import & sync meeting recordings with your company’s video library or with ioConnect. It automatically transcribes every recording and makes it easily searchable.

The following guide outlines the configuration required in the Zoom admin interface (you need to be a Zoom administrator to make these changes).


  • Admin rights in Zoom
    • IOIOs Zoom application is an account-level application, which requires authorization by the organizations administrator. This would allow you to easily import, manage and sync all recorded meetings within your organization.
      • Easily import & manage all of the organizations Zoom recordings to your IOIO video library.
      • Continuous sync and transcription of all recorded meetings in the IOIO video library.
      • Search across all recorded meetings.
      • Top-level management of the IOIO/Zoom integration (ability to enable & disable).
      • Disclaimer: All users of IOIO can easily opt-in or opt-out from the integration*
  • Admin rights in IOIO
  • Zoom Pro/Business/Enterprise/Education


1. Login to IOIO ( and visit the “Settings” panel.

Log in to

2. Select “Integrations > Zoom” and then click on the “Authorize” button


If you are not already signed into Zoom, you would be prompted to sign in.

3. Click Authorize to connect IOIO to Zoom. (note that only users with admin rights would have the ability to authorize)

Authorize to connect IOIO to Zoom

4. You have successfully linked IOIO to Zoom

Recordings saved to Cloud will be available for import & sync to ioPlatform & ioConnect

linked IOIO to Zoom

5. (optional) Add emails of users that need to be opt-out from automatic import/sync

Add emails of users

6. Removing the integration

  • From IOIO
    • From Integrations > Zoom, select Disable integration
      Add emails of users
    • Confirm the action by clicking on "Disable".
      Add emails of users
    • The integration with IOIO will be removed and recordings will no longer be accessible for import or synchronization with the Library.
  • From Zoom
    • Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to Zoom App Marketplace
    • Click "Manage" > "Added apps"
    • Click on the remove button